Welcome to SummaTRON

In this pages we are going to explain the operation of SummaTRON-API and the protocol of identification, registration and signing of documents that this project allows is described below. The objective of this project is to replace the current identification mechanisms used by web pages, such as user / password and 2FA based on SMS or email.

Very important
Now the SummaTron protocol is based on the TronGrid API, 3 seconds of response.

The registration process is repetitive and heavy, since the information required by the web pages are very similar. In addition, the reference to which pages have been registered and what password is used in each case is lost. SummaTRON proposes a system based on the TRON account and its characteristics of public key and private key.

For this, SummaTRON has created two tokens: IdTronix and SummaTron, has developed an API and a DApp (download here the Android e iOS versions)


For testing the use, you can link to: www.summatron.com/ECO.html and www.summatron.com/ECOID.html.
How to do it: Install the App and access to ECO.html, in IdTron fill in the personal data in My Data and then you must scan a QR.
The personal data appears into the fields of the form.

This is the appearance of ECO.html and IdTron.

Here you can watch a video with a example of identification using IdTron on a desktop computer browser application.

Here you can watch a video with a example of identification using IdTron for a mobile phone browser application.

In the next video you can see a video with an example of registering a data form. Normally a user should fill in each field with their personal data or let Google, Microsoft or Facebook "help you" remembering the data. Using IdTron, the data is filled once in the My Data option and you can select which fields to send to the server, and which ones are not. The registration data is encrypted with the private key of the server (this key is in the QR to be scanned), the data is sent to Tron.Network and the server reads them. The server application decrypts the data using its private key and can store the data in its system, generate a validation PDF or fill in a form like in this example.

Here you can watch a video with a example of Registration using IdTron.

Here you can watch a video with a example of Signing a PDF Document using IdTron.

In the following pictures you can see some information about SummaTRON-API funcionality.


Currently a large amount of user information and internet traffic is concentrated in a few corporations such as Google, Facebook, Amazon and Snapchat. TRON tries to mitigate this control by giving ownership of the information returned to its creators.

TRON is open and decentralized platform and distributed storage technology will allow digital content creators to eliminate intermediaries such as Apple Store and Google Play. In this way content producers obtain their profits directly from consumers, without intermediaries.

Electronic books, music, photos, articles, etc. they can be easily marketed without intermediaries to make the payment.

Banks, Visa, Amazon, Google, Facebook, etc. they take much of the amount of operations, basically because until now there was no alternative.

The transactions carried out in TRON are traceable, through Tronscan.org, the 2 participants in the purchase / sale can see the result of the operation.

This functionality replaces the need to contact your bank or Visa, when a transaction is "lost". But it does not replace the possible scammers, TRON improves technology, not the morality of people.
Shop you can see an example of how to sell an e-book without registration, payment gateway or cookies "to improve the experience".

How to use TRON?

TRON was born with the aim of assembling an architecture based on blockchain and that manages to execute 10,000 transactions per second.
Its currency is called Tronix (TRX), and 100,000 million have been issued.

The TRXs are stored in an electronic wallet, wallet in English. Wallet for mobile, allow Payment, Sending or reception of TRX with other accounts in trones.

With this capacity it can be used as a means of payment in all types of transactions, but also as a form of identification without the need for registration, since only the user has access to his TRX account.

A System capable of executing operations in less than 1 second has a multitude of utilities. In Shop you can try a purchase / sale system without registration, with immediate payment without the need for credit cards, and with the possibility of registering and modifying the information of a product safely only by the creator.
It's Internet 4.0, out of control of Facebook, Google or Amazon.